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The Batman Files Cbr Bull


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The Batman Files Cbr Bull


Supermans been around for sixty years. SWEET TOOTH #28 Written by JEFF LEMIRE Art by MATT KINDT Cover by JEFF LEMIRE On sale DECEMBER 7 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS The Taxidermist concludes as Thacker leads his crew on an all-out assault on Simpsons camp in an attempt to slaughter the mysterious antlered child! But will the child live on, or will the plague spread? Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt conclude their mini-epic in bloody fashion with implications that will affect Gus, Jepperd and more. So, thanks zombie boys and girls, we owe you a nice big thank you blast from the double barrel Boomstick special. THE RAY #1 Written by JUSTIN GRAY and JIMMY PALMIOTTI Art by JAMAL IGLE and RICH PERROTTA Cover by JAMAL IGLE On sale DECEMBER 14 32 pg, 1 of 4, FC, $2.99 US RATED T Get ready for a brand new Ray! Lucien Gatess life is changed forever when he is struck by a mysterious beam of energy that turns him into a glowing gladiator and being a human ray of light comes in handy when his city is suddenly under attack from giant, building-sized monsters. But an even deadlier threat awaits Batman: a trap set hundreds of years ago, far beneath his city. But none of this can compare with the shocking revelation that lies in store for our long-suffering occultist. DATELOCATIONDETAILS. Kuhoric has been putting words into the mouth of Ash Williams for a few years now and said, quite frankly, that its easy. Here is the low-down. PERKER Cover by YUKO SHIMIZU On sale DECEMBER 14 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS Toms battle against the cabal continues, with Glitterspar as the ultimate sanction. In a time of extreme political correctness its refreshing to have an everyday guy call it like it is and take no prisoners. But Supergirl is more than just her powers, and shell soon show this foe and all of Earth whats she truly capable of! Plus, more on the Girl of Steels mysterious origin! SUPERBOY #4 Written by SCOTT LOBDELL Art by R.B. Brace yourself for a last-page shocker the likes of which the Squad has never faced before! O.M.A.C. Please see the order form for more information. I really ought to get those issues. And the stakes couldnt be higher for the Dynamic Duo as they face off against the Demons Head himself: Ras al Ghul! MAD MAGAZINE #513 Written and illustrated by THE USUAL GANG OF IDIOTS On sale DECEMBER 7 56 pg, FC, $5.99 US Its the big, year-end issue of MAD which means its time for the 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2011. Good job, Wizard! Then we get an update on the The Incredible Hulk cartoon. TORRES Art by RAMON BACHS, DAVID LOPEZ and others Cover by TOM FOWLER On sale DECEMBER 14 96 pg, FC, $7.99 US Batman and Oracle must solve a string of murders in a part of Gotham City no one knew existed, leading Oracle into a world of her greatest dreams and nightmares. Hes punching through a montage of all the previous Wizard covers, which is why I like it. 57 Channels with nothing on? Try the Comics Network. And authorities seem uninterested in uncovering any. Some are awesome. George, Daughter of the Dragon and stories about characters I helped revamp like Dracula, the Werewolf, the Re-Animator, and Michael, the Frankenstein Monster coming up. His deaths and rebirths leave him disoriented, but with the help of a new friend, Mitch discovers bits of his past, although the origin of his powers remains a mystery. The four new characters were apparently half-alien. When ex-private eye Jack Cohen is hired to find one missing girl, he is drawn back into the shadow world between North and South. 24365d85ca

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